Our mission is to establish a relationship with the manufacturers and supply quality , healthy and high-value products and in response to the trust of our business partners , we know our responsibility against them.What distinguishes us from others is our commitment to provide a valid liability. Undoubtedly creation of a good and lasting image in the minds of the business partners depends on merit and performance accountability. And this is what we do and are proud for it and at the same time, we well know our great responsibility for maintaining this position.



Official distributer representative of JTI Pars Co


Filter paper

Official representative of the TradeArk Co


Acetate Fibers

Official representative of the company Sanyou



Supplying different kinds of fruits from Iranian gardens including fruits such as kiwi, Orange, pomegranate, cucumber, sea cucumber , apricot, cherry, apple, olives and. .. with standard packaging


import standard seeds

Import of seeds in accordance with the international standards from the repeatable countries is one of our activities. Special attention will be given to the type of seeds and the country of origin of the seeds.


Production and packaging Tobacco

Distribution and sale of traditional and molasses Shisha Tobacco in the country and export to around the world